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Vampgirl32 Vampgirl32


Joined in able to purchase presale tickets for the Des Moines show and the website is saying my code is not valid. What should I do?

nrgy nrgy admin
1/29/20 - 5:44PM

i finally figured out how to renew, so i did on 1/22. the email with iowa presale code was sent 1/22, so i guess i must have joined after the email was sent. admin
1/22/20 - 7:30PM

Same here!!!

msmith1bb msmith1bb admin
1/22/20 - 10:43AM

Use the code in your email, not the 'Ville code

klbschult klbschult admin
1/22/20 - 3:49PM

How soon did you get an email with the code after joining?

karhawkeye karhawkeye admin
1/22/20 - 10:13AM

Same here. Very frustrated!

melissad melissad admin
1/22/20 - 10:12AM

Same here

bjweeks39 bjweeks39 admin
1/22/20 - 10:11AM

Same!!! Grrrr

haileybernetta haileybernetta admin
1/22/20 - 10:08AM

me too so frustrating