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CT Recovery Concert

I attended last night concert for Recovery in CT. I am a person in long term recovery and an advocate for those suffering with the disease of addiction. I adore Keith Urban and his performance was spot on as usual. My disappointment was in the lack of recovery awareness, such as pamplets explaining the disease of opiates, any preventive strategy such as narcan, or talk of 12 step approach. I was told where my donation was going to and how it was going to assist those in need. If I had know I would of given more. I wore my AA and Serenity Prayer ( recovery gear ) and none of CT reporters or CT staff were able to recognize a person who changed their life. I AM A EXAMPLE CHANGE IS POSSIBLE. To boot, Keith Urban logo was " Break the STIGMA" yet he sold NO T-SHIRTS OR RECOVERY CONCERT apparel. I am very disappointed.