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scottdilley2 scottdilley2

credit card payment

My cc info changed and my card was not automatically billed. I updated my cc info. Then I tried to change my membership back to the paid version.I keep getting an error message
There was an error while trying to charge your credit card. Please try again later.I have tried 10 times. any help is appreciated.

toniv toniv admin
2/13/20 - 9:58AM

I'm having difficulty as well. Can't seem to update my cc info or even find a place to put it.

scottdilley2 scottdilley2 admin
2/22/20 - 3:11PM

I switched browsers. Tech support has not been helpful. I was using chrome. It would not accept my cc or update my membership. I switched to explorer and it accepted my cc. Try using a different browser.

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
2/12/20 - 8:15PM

Check out this thread--I posted a comment with steps to renew your membership.

barbforty barbforty admin
2/13/20 - 12:19PM

thanks - that worked - logging out and back in. It was deceptive, because when you choose the dropdown for level, it doesn't show Phoenix until you hover over the blank one, then it is there!

scottdilley2 scottdilley2 admin
2/13/20 - 1:30PM

barbforty was your cc expired and did you need to update your cc on file. Or did you upgrade your account for the first time?

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
2/13/20 - 2:51PM

@ScottDilley2 -- it's supposed to work either way. When you change to Free and logout/login, when you go to upgrade you can enter your credit card info again or correct what it shows.

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
2/13/20 - 2:59PM

I replied to your comment on another thread about emailing the moderator.