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Lady Di Lady Di

Concert for Recovery ~ CT

Good Afternoon KU Team,
I'm a new fan club member. I work within the MH & substance abuse healthcare network here in CT.

Was hoping to attend this concert for addiction recovery to show my support for the cause and for Keith hosting this special event.

Is there a discount code/password for fan club members?

Thank you for your consideration, Di

pennstate98 pennstate98 admin
9/25/19 - 1:37PM

I had the code at the top of my tour page but it took me to the Ticketmaster site. There it asked me for another offer code. The code at the top of the tour page didn’t work there. I looked under my user name where this site told me to go but there was nothing there. What’s done is done. It’s a shame that greed is what drives some in this country. I miss the days of sleeping outside a venue for tickets when you were a true fan. Everyone has gone corporate and Hollywood these days. Hope you all enjoy the show.

mkr mkr admin
9/25/19 - 1:07PM

Lady Di, The fan club sale is over for the Mohegan show. However, in the future, if you're member of the paid version of the fan club there should be a code unique to you on the top of the Tour page as long as you're logged in on the site. The fan club also does its best to send out notice of fan club sales prior to the sale date. Make sure to keep a watch on your spam email because sometimes those notices end up there.

As far as scalpers etc goes. Yep, it sucks. The good news is that there are fans who will sell extra tickets so keep a watch on here and on the facebook pages and groups. Often you can find tickets there.

pennstate98 pennstate98 admin
9/25/19 - 1:43PM

I guess no discount for someone that works in the field of substance abuse then.

mkr mkr admin
9/25/19 - 2:13PM

Not that I know of. I do have an extra ticket if you're interested. It's in section 16 row H.

pennstate98 pennstate98 admin
9/25/19 - 2:19PM

Thanks. I was looking for the PIT. I was there at the last show and you can’t beat it. Thanks anyway.

pennstate98 pennstate98 admin
9/25/19 - 11:39AM

I just came from Mohegan sun and apparently you can’t purchase tickets there until tomorrow unless you have momentum dollars. They also said that Ticketmaster has all the PIT general admission tickets and that I couldn’t purchase them there anyhow. The fleecing of America. Corporations taking the experience away from those that take the time to go to the actual venue to find that they would rather sell to scalpers. I’m so done with all this. I hope you find tickets at a reasonable price and enjoy yourself. He puts on a good show if you are willing to pay the money.

nmarzano nmarzano admin
9/25/19 - 12:23PM

I couldn't agree with you more. Keith is the only performer I ever jump through these hoops for, but it's getting harder and harder even for him. I bet if he could change it for us, he would. The fleecing of America. Great line.

pennstate98 pennstate98 admin
9/25/19 - 1:38PM

I’m sure he would too. I hope you got tickets and you enjoy yourself. This was my birthday present to myself but I’ll just spend my money elsewhere.