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ctcathy ctcathy

code for tickets

I have this as a code KcvhKGecQN and it's not working??? do we know why?

mpellis mpellis admin
9/24/19 - 9:04AM

I don't see any code when I'm at the top of my tour page. Or any other page! How do I get it?

mkr mkr admin
9/24/19 - 7:07AM

Just an FYI, the presale code for the tickets that went on sale yesterday for Mohegan Sun was a private code for members of the CT Realtors only. The fan club didn't have access to that code at all. For the fan club sale today you use your personal code which is located at the top of the Tour page when you're logged into the fan club site. Remember if you copy the code, make sure there are no spaces before or after the code because will cause it not to work. Good luck!

nickievt nickievt admin
9/23/19 - 9:20PM

Hi- how do I get a code for presale tickets that go on sale tomorrow??

ctcathy ctcathy admin
9/23/19 - 2:04PM

these questions don't get answered, do they???