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tjmick07 tjmick07

Click on meet and greet to las vegas show

trying to purchase meet n greet for las vegas show
you click on it – asks you to relogin – then it takes you to the ville page or you cant get past the log in page
whats going on ? i tried this on two diff computers

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
10/26/19 - 4:22PM

Only paid members (Phoenix Club) can enter the Meet & Greet contests on the Tour page. You are being re-routed to the Ville page because Free members are not eligible to enter.

oyclmtw oyclmtw admin
10/26/19 - 12:53PM

I had the same problem during the presale and when tickets went on sale

nina11 nina11 admin
10/26/19 - 11:53AM

Me too! Can’t seem to purchase tickets or even see the ticket prices for a meet and greet in Las Vegas. How come?

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
10/26/19 - 4:11PM

Those sold out minutes after presale started. They are very limited.