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kt4ku kt4ku

Carona virus

We have 3 tickets for Keith’s 4/25 Vegas show.

We were wondering if we could use our tickets at a later date until this scary carona virus calms down.

My husband is a lung cancer survivor, he’s considered at high risk if he’s exposed.

Airlines are canceling flights randomly if the plane isn’t full!

If that’s not acceptable, we will come to his 4/25 show! I wouldn’t want to take a chance and miss his show all together!

I can’t believe this carona virus is happening! I worry about Keith’s health as well!

Please let me know if we’re able to switch our 4/25 Vegas show date later in the year. If not, we’ll see Keith on 4/25.

Thank you

Karen Tedesco

kt4ku kt4ku admin
3/11/20 - 6:33AM

Thank you!

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
3/10/20 - 11:18PM

You need to contact Ticketmaster since they are the ticket sellers.