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madbrit madbrit

cant renew membership

AM due to see keith in uk in may and had entered for a meet & greet opportunity I have been in the fan club since 2003. Unfortunately now my account will not renew so my requested will not count as it looks like im a free member and not a phoenix paying member , not happy been waiting years for keith to come to uk and always renewed my membership of the fanclub with no problems

nrgy nrgy admin
2/19/20 - 7:01PM

log in. clik on manage membership. HOVER over free membership line til phoenix club line shows up. clik on phoenix club. then upgrade yur cred card info. ta da this worked for me in jan 2020 wen tech support said clik on arrow 4 dropdown menu, (which DID NOT work) but maybe they've fixed it since jan.

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
2/18/20 - 2:20PM

**she did try her card again, and it did eventually work.**

SandyAyres SandyAyres admin
2/18/20 - 2:19PM

Since I am not a moderator, all I can do is share what others have tried. Here's the most recent post on the Phoenix Club Facebook page:

Here is the information I received back from Blair. I tried the steps and it worked, however, it said there was a problem in processing my credit card and to try back again later. Hope this helps someone having the same trouble.
How can I upgrade my Free membership to The 'Ville: Phoenix Club (formerly referred to as The 'Ville: VIP):
1) Log in to the website and go to your profile page by clicking your username
2) Click "Manage Membership"
3) Click the arrow to show all of the options, and from those options select "The Ville: Phoenix Club".
4) Click the orange button that says "Upgrade". The screen will then change so you can input your credit card number.
5) Click the orange button that says "Submit Payment" and you will be all set!

Hope this helps!