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peper1957 peper1957

are all concerts still on at this time ?

julieaul julieaul admin
3/16/20 - 6:36PM

As I'm travelling from Australia I need to know if the concert in Vegas on the 25 April is going to be cancelled?

alakav alakav admin
3/15/20 - 6:05PM

Im flying to the states on the 21st of April going to 24th vegas concert. Well I hope I'm any way:(

Rachelkuuk Rachelkuuk admin
3/15/20 - 4:51PM

Anyone heard anything about the European tour dates?

peper1957 peper1957 admin
3/13/20 - 4:35PM

Yes we have tickets for the 24 also I’m sure they will give us enough time to cancel hotels and flights,

deballey deballey admin
3/12/20 - 11:46PM

I won a trip to Vegas and Keith Urban concert on Apr 25th. Coming from Maine, a little worried with the Coronavirus. I hope they put out some info soon.

suzie71 suzie71 admin
3/12/20 - 7:47PM

I have tickets for the Vegas show on April 25. Any idea if this is still a go or when you will decide? If we can’t travel to Vegas can we get a refund?

lolly119 lolly119 admin
3/13/20 - 2:12PM

I have tickets for April 25 show in Las Vegas. Are you canceling this?

dupy94 dupy94 admin
3/12/20 - 7:00PM

This is what I am checking into. My husband and I have great seats for his Vegas show on April 24th.