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annec annec

April 24th Las Vegas show

I have tickets for the show on April 24th and I'm in Canada. I can't make the concert even if it's on because my airline won't be flying to Las Vegas the day I was going. This is the 2nd time I've bought Keith Urban tickets, first was for Calgary which I was lucky enough to sell my tickets but this time I've exhausted all my avenues to get a refund. I even bought the insurance for the tickets before this Virus came out only to be bounced around from agent to agent. They tell me unless Keith cancels or Caesars Palace I will lose my money if I can't sell the tickets. Caesars Palace is closed right now so why is nothing being done or said? The country music awards are cancelled for April 5th, it's only weeks away from Keith's concert at Caesars. I will rebook when I know I can cross the border again but at this time I can't. It's frustrating because I don't have my job just like many others, I have no income extra as of yet and if I lose the money for the tickets that's over $300 for two. What do I do now?

ausshaob ausshaob admin
3/24/20 - 7:14PM

Caesars Palace has cancelled all ticketed events up to April 16, no mention yet on April 24.

velocity velocity admin
3/24/20 - 4:38PM

I have tickets for both shows in April one is The royal flush packet which is very expensive and I’m from Canada so even more expensive for me but I would like to know as well when there will be an announcement that money would sure come in handy right now as I am not working, we all love you keith, but we all need to know ,

margemiles0329 margemiles0329 admin
4/6/20 - 2:10PM

I had the Royal also, I called and they are refunding. I'm so upset because I can't find any more Royal Flush tickets. I totally understand why it was canceled, but I wish they have a show where the Royal Flush is available for us that got Canceled

JoStro JoStro admin
4/20/20 - 6:19PM

When did they say there would be a refund? Thank you

storm1203 storm1203 admin
3/23/20 - 2:22AM

Think it’s about time we received some kind of posting from the powers at be, can’t leave fans this way for too much longer

wend wend admin
3/23/20 - 5:41PM

Bryan Adams was playing Wynn in Vegas - 22 - 25th April. It’s just been announced these gigs have been postponed to be rescheduled in the fall. Assuming eventually there will be more info about KU. Not that he’d be able to get into UK as we’re now on lockdown.