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slgleason slgleason

Amsterdam Tickets

Anyone going to see KU in Amsterdam? I went on the site this morning to purchase tickets and of course I had to use Google Translate, but can't tell where these seats are as there isn't a seat map! Any suggestions would be appreciated before I purchase!

slgleason slgleason admin
10/8/19 - 8:11AM

yeah...i had 2 seats sitting there waiting to pay, but then the time ran out and i lost them. just went back in to grab 2 more and now it's sold out. Oh well!

tamaravarenkamp tamaravarenkamp admin
10/8/19 - 8:26AM

You have 2 choices, Golden circle or General admission. For General admission you have a free choice, stand or sea. So you have seats in the AFAS but there are no reserved seats available. So you can sit or stand wherever you want but not in Golden Circle or VIP area ofcourse :-)

irenekordesch irenekordesch admin
10/8/19 - 2:01PM

Do you know ticket prices for Golden Circle and general admisson?

tamaravarenkamp tamaravarenkamp admin
10/8/19 - 11:42PM

Golden Circle is €77.30 and General €66.10

natasha65 natasha65 admin
10/8/19 - 8:06AM

Hai, there are no seats! You can only buy stand-tickets.

slgleason slgleason admin
10/8/19 - 5:41PM

I wonder if they’ll release more seats for the regular sale?