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dkontz dkontz

All for the Hall tickets

How could an event run by KU be so unorganized. The code is bogus. Where does the money go from the Phoenix membership? I want a refund

fatboyriderjanis fatboyriderjanis admin
10/15/19 - 12:29PM

I was given a code for the presale but no link to actually purchase.

fatboyriderjanis fatboyriderjanis admin
10/15/19 - 12:28PM

The presale for today’s date is not available on the site??? Just a link to share???

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
10/15/19 - 11:49AM

The codes work. Presales do not guarantee tickets; I was unsuccessful today as well.

connearney11 connearney11 admin
10/15/19 - 12:41PM

what was code and where did you request for tickets

urbangirl972 urbangirl972 admin
10/15/19 - 2:20PM

If you are a paying member, your unique code can be found on the tour page once you are logged in. Tickets are sold on Ticketmaster, as are most tickets for Keith’s shows.