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A Question about Godwhispered...

Fans Help: At the end of the song, by the Halaluah's, what is the lyric after "A man …I believe I am" Is it, a man relieved? A man who leaves?, or some other words. Thanks.

gayler9 gayler9 admin
4/25/20 - 7:37PM

I just saw CMT Top 20 4/25 & the video has the lyric so I assume that's the definitive answer...which is 'like a man RELEASED, I believe I am" so question answered! That makes more sense than "a man who leaves , at least to me.

gayler9 gayler9 admin
4/24/20 - 8:58PM

Thanks for responding, but in the context of the song, "a man who believes, I believe I am" makes more sense but I can't hear that first syllable so I thought it could be just leaves. Interestingly, when looking up the lyrics, that is omitted or ignored.

angelone angelone admin
4/24/20 - 9:20AM

A man who leaves