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I just have to say, I know that awards do NOT dictate the work, but COME ON! I am so tired of Keith NOT winning! No disrespect to Garth. He is a fine artist. I have seen him in concert and he is great. But I must say in my opinion, in NO way does he work as hard, or give himself over to the crowd as much as Keith Urban! Garth has been around since, what 1993? Not to say that he isn't relevant anymore, but I really believe Keith deserved EOTY and Male Vocalist of the Year. Again, no disrespect to Chris Stapleton, another fine artist, but again, just my opinion, I believe he is a better song writer than vocalist. I truly believe they are jealous of Keith. I always thought that, but when he won all the CMT awards, which are FAN voted, that confirmed my belief. When it is up to the fans, he wins ALL! Left to the "industry" he never seems to win. Nobody works harder or gives more of himself in concert than Keith! He is by far, the best guitar player in the business, possibly only competition is Brad Paisley. Almost every single he releases becomes a #1 song. Almost all his albums become platinum. What do these people who vote want??? The only explanation is they are jealous at how good he is, what great fans he has, how he has worked so hard to get where he is in spite of huge obstacles, the fact that he can do MORE than just country, and possibly that he is married to an A lister movie star. I'm sorry to rant, but I'm just SO irritated at how he never wins. I'll shut up now! :-)