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Keith Urban help us out 👍 please make this go viral name and shame Viagogo .. ticket sales .. they should be ashamed of them selves 😡 Disappointed😢😢 Hi Keith ! We were super excited to be extending your Melbourne concert at Rod Laver Arena on the 9th of Dec 2016 .. with my best friend Kylie Tabe Me Flip Willis .. that was until we received our tickets after paying over $420 .. were told we were in silver class seating therefore only 4 rows from the front . We couldn't believe our luck as we had been planing this night for months ... only to receive tickets valved at $110 face value and to be put in the back stalls .. where we would need our binoculars to see you .. another words we have been ripped off 😢 not to mention we have even been told by Ticketek that they can't even confirm tickets are real 😢😢 Just wanted inform you people out there are taking advantage of your name... Viagogo you are a fake and ripping totally innocent working hard people off😡 they have also ripped off my brother Peter Cox .. spending over $800 .. very sad and disappointed fans from 🇦🇺