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I just wanted to say, how blessed 🙏 I was to be part of The Ripcord tour (saw 2 shows) . ☺️ To Keith, his band and crew , Brett Eldredge , Maren Morris , 🎤🎸 Thank you for this amazing journey. To Annabelle , and all the fans for sharing all those wonderful photos and videos , 📷🎥 😊, and making us all feel like we were at every event. Thank you all again 👏👏 Now, "Tonight I Wanna Cry" , 😭 because, "Days Gone By" . But " We're Not Worry 'About Nothin" , because Keith made sure we all had a wonderful EPIC and fun time "Making Memories Of Us" . And there was no " Wasted Time " . So please don't be sad , "Cause Blue Ain't Your Color " 💙and " But For The Grace Of God " 🙏 we will continue on a new journey , all together again . Thank you all again . 😍God Bless, and have a wonderful holiday