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*My 83 Year Old Grandmother* I guess this can be considered a special project! :) So I am not exactly sure where to post this... but anyways, this Friday the 11th, me, my mom, and my grandmother are going to see Keith in Nashville! This is extremely special because my grandmother is 83...YES...83 years old and absolutely adores Keith Urban. We have nose bleed seats and were wanting to make a sign telling how old she is and that she loves him in hopes that he might notice! My grandmother is the glue that holds our family together. She is about 4 ft tall and is just the sweetest woman you would ever meet. She actually has no idea she is going to see him and this is going to be so so special. Being 83, we may or may not have much time left with her, and to be able to give her this night and possibly have Keith Urban notice would just thrill her sweet heart! If anyone has any ideas, let us know! I know this is super late notice! 615-944-5095 My name is Caitlin Frakes. My grandmother's name is Joyce Limbaugh.