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marilyngillard marilyngillard

I am.absolutely desperate I realize that all tickets for Dec 8th at Rod Laver in Melbourne are sold but I have been in hospital and was told the Concerts were at a later date and as I have to.go.back.into hospital.the afternoon of the 9th I was just praying & hoping that a couple of cancellations may have come up.or may come forward and if so I could be contacted as I will die if I miss out. I have advertised and tried other ways but to no result. I have been a fan & following Keith since before he started at Tamworth and moved to Nashville. I am 71yrs old and have loved him.forever if you could a favour and contact me should you hear of something I would be eternally grateful you are my LAST hope of getting anything for the 8th Dec. Thanking you in.anticipation and hoping to hear either way PLEASE Yours sincerely, regards. Marilyn Gillard .