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I have been locked out of my account have been SEVERAL emails since 10/21 I receive 2 identical answers from the moderator on 2 different emails on 2 different days FINALLY I got a response yesterday telling me I didn't have an account and needed to prove I was a fan club member so I ran around searched my bank account from April of this year to provided proof I was a member and my account was found today someone finally found me and apologized for being on vacation. I would have been able to sign up for the meet m greets for Minneapolis and Duluth I've spent a few hundred for each ticket. The meet and great closed on 10/24 if I would have had better customer service I could have signed into my account and registered, since I had been working on this since the 21st The fan club should be taking some fault for this I'm not a blogger out here so I'm sorry I haven't signed in everyday. My gosh Duluth only had 113 people sign up which is low. Please Annabelle can't I still be entered to Keith and receive a confirmation? Please reply. Thank you