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I would just like to take the time to wish Keith a very very very HAPPY 49th BIRTHDAY! You are the BEST IN THE INDUSTRY, and you deserve every award that you have been nominated for...and then some! You are so caring, kind, and conscientious of your fans' needs and wants, in addition to your being the sexiest man on the planet!!! You're an awesome husband to Nicole, and are the more adorable couple in the industry! You are a great father to Sunday and Faith! Those are just some of the reasons why I love you! I hope that you get to spend this special day with your 3 girls and totally enjoy yourselves as a family! You work so hard (even though it's fund for you and you love it), that you deserve good, quality time with them! Keep up the awesomness! It is my dream (right along with thousands of others) to meet you in person one day!