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I am asking keith to read this. I guess it won't happen because he is a very busy man....but....I come from the same town as you. I once went into my local shopping centre and heard " I want to love somebody like you " to be honest I've never bought another CD because I didn't think this one could ever be topped. I recently caught up with my very first boyfriend from school. His marriage aS over and we fell in love immediately. He gave me your song Nicole and he cried and meant every word. He also gave me Angel without wing, I think Garth Brooks may sing it. He also gave me she's unreal by good (someone from australia) we has our future planned. I was keeping my house while my 3-girls went to uni and we were going to buy a van and travel. 3 weeks ago, after spending the weekend with me ( I'm Brisbane he is Sydney) he texts me and tells me it's all over. I tried to call but he would not answer. I finally got a response that he wants to reconcile with his ex wife. All the while he has been sharing my bed. I feel like a worthless who're. I've raised my 3 girls on my own. I've always had a full time job. I've been strong.....but that has been stolen from me. I have not been to work for three weeks and a have another week to go. I've spent time in hospital because they thought I was a fruit loop......Just so deeply hurt. The rug was pulled out from under my feet and I feel numb. Why I'm telling you this is a but strange, but I don't have any close friends to cry on. I do hope you get to read this I know you've been to hell and back and came out a better person. I've been used, and played and I have never let any of those people change who I am, because I like me. I'm a good person......however my faith in trust and people is gone...some advise would be appreciated Michelle Ellen x