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STATUS: 2016 FANS OF KEITH URBAN ANNUAL BIRTHDAY FUNDRAISER BENEFITING ST JUDE: Hey fellow Viller's.... Sandy and I wanted to give you a quick update. We are on track to kick off another Fans of Keith Urban Annual Birthday Fundraiser benefiting St Jude. We are finishing up a few things between KU Management, St Jude and .net Moderators to announce the Annual Fundraiser. As you know, its closer to the 10th of the month when we officially kick it off. So please continue to be patient a few more days and we'll get the Annual Fundraiser honoring Keith's birthday up and going!!! will make an OFFICIAL kick off announcement with the links to the donation page via St Jude. Thank you for your continued support each year with this fundraiser benefiting the children and families of St Jude that honors Keith's birthday from his fans! Annually this fundraiser raises over $12,000! Lets get ready for another successful year! For those that submitted a photo for consideration on the Annual Thank You Card... we are still awaiting final approval from KU Management. As soon as we have final approvals we'll be contacting those individuals for your photo release.