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So today March 19th 2016 my parents and I went to see the movie miracles from Heaven. It was an awesome movie. About a little girl named Anna who gets really sick when she was just ten years old and finds out that she has a disease that does not have a cure. Her family sacrificed so much for her in order to take her to Boston Massachusetts every 6 weeks they lived in Burleson Texas. She has one older sister and one younger sister and her sisters suffered and sacrificed because of Annabelle sickness. And I couldn't help but think about my situation I've had a lot of medical issues since I was 13 and was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis. Until now I guess I never really thought about how my condition was affecting my brothers and sisters. I spent a lot of nights in the hospital and having test run and all those things and my mom and dad never left my side. Them spending so much time with me; also meant that they were not spending time with my siblings. My two older brothers and two older sisters were old enough to know that Mom and Dad needed to be with me but my younger brother Sonny had a hard time adjusting to that. I know that my parents love all of their children the same I feel guilty for keeping my parents away from my brothers and sisters and the challenges and things that they were facing I can't imagine not having my parents around! After seeing this movie I really feel bad for my siblings and other friends and family members because so much time was focused on me and my Hospital trips and surgeries and MRIs and cats cans and neurologist and trying to figure out what was going on and what's the best way to treat all of this. I really need to sincerely apologize to my brothers and sisters and it's unfortunate but the one that I think suffered the most as a result of this is no longer with us on this Earth so I can't apologize to him he is in heaven he is smiling down on us and I know that he understands but it was hard for him when we were younger and I didn't realize it until watching this movie. As I sat in the movie weeping and trying to keep my composure it was very difficult this movie really hit a nerve with me in a good way. (Pun intended!) I realize that doctors don't always know but God is always in control and when he tells us we're going to be ok then we're going to be ok. We can't lose faith we can't lose our hope we have to keep our faith because God is the only one that can truly make a difference in our lives no matter what doctors or tests or MRIs for catscans or neurologist or any other person can! I will be going to see this movie again for sure! This time I'll bring kleenex so my Astros Jersey will be snot free!! So to Susie Coffman Marcine Coffman Thomas Coffman Simpson Howard and my Angel brother, Sonny RIP i'm TRULY very for the sacrifices y'all had to make when I was diagnosed with NF1, I wish I could give you the time back! I love you all SOOOOO MUCH, more than you know and I'm thankful that y'all are MY brothers and sisters! ! To Momma & Pops Tommy Coffman words can NEVER express how truly thankful and blessed that God chose y'all to be MY parents! I wish I could find a way to say Thank you for all the sacrifices y'all made for me! I was trying to surprise y'all with Meet & Greet with Keith Urban at the Rodeo tomorrow. I sent about 20 emails/messages to different people on 92.9 KKBQ. 100.3 KILT even big wigs in the Rodeo I even emailed Keith Urban manager and unfortunately none of them replied, very disappointed. I did have a friend buy us tickets, so we'll be there but I couldn't get the "Meet & Greet" :-( I'm sorry I couldn't make it happen. I WILL FIND A WAY TO SAY THANK YOU IN A VERY BIG WAY!! I love y'all!