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***PRE-SALES ON 3/15 are the following:*** San Antonio, TX: 10am CT for VIP 'Ville Members (Ticketmaster) Pit/GA area: Yes Ticketmaster - you will use the pre-sale code on the TOUR page. If you don't see it, then you aren't logged in. If you have an issue with your code, delete the last character and retype it. TM can be finicky. If that still doesn't work, try using another web browser like Chrome. Where is my Pre-Sale code: If you do NOT see your code at the top of the TOUR page, either you are not logged in, or you are not a VIP Member of the 'Ville. My Pre-Sale code isn't working: The code you see on the tour page is the code for you given directly to Ticketmaster. The code does work. However, Ticketmaster can have glitches. Try deleting the last character and re-typing it as described above, if that doesn't help please try using another internet browser such as Chrome. Who gets pre-sale codes: Only paying members of the 'Ville (aka VIP members) get access to pre-sale codes.