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2 tickets

2 tickets

Hi this is going to sound so stupid but i need help. I thought me and my husband needed a treat an bought ticketd to keiths show at Ceasers on sept 6. My husband came home a lil while later an told me he had filed for bankrupcy. He didnt want to tell me because ive been sick and i am on full disabity. Bottom line if anyone wants to but the tickets at the same price i did $ 596.
Sec 103, Row S, Seat 316 – 317
I could transfer them to you and u could pay me on paypal. Im really screwed so please if anyone wa ts them lt ne know
Thanks guys for taking time to read my post

carol6156 carol6156 admin
1/30/20 - 11:45AM

U can text me at 631 680 2582 i just put in an ins claim for them but can always cancel if u want them

Ochiville Ochiville admin
1/29/20 - 2:13AM

Do you still have these tickets?

carol6156 carol6156 admin
1/30/20 - 11:43AM