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harper7 harper7

2 Tickets to All for the Hall

2 Tickets to All for the Hall

Two members of my family are unable to make the road trip for Monday's All for the Hall concert. We have 2 tickets for sale, and they are great seats. Section 114 row N.

harper7 harper7 admin
2/7/20 - 9:45AM

Since these tickets are not transferable, I will happily send you the tickets from my ticket wallet via text and email both. I will be at the show and will be happy to meet you if there is any trouble.

monkeydan19 monkeydan19 admin
2/7/20 - 9:58AM

Hey! Are these seats still available? My boyfriend and I are looking for tickets! Thank you!

harper7 harper7 admin
2/7/20 - 10:01AM

They are! Do you mind emailing me so I don't post my cell phone number on here?