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"It Only Takes A Miracle (To Make A Little Rock Float)" a lyric in the tradition of Johnny Cash /I was dwelling in the doldrums/of my futile toil and sweat/ after shoring up my empty fishing boat/ and untangling my nets/ when my new best Friend said to me: / in your heart, just believe/ I know where the fish will be / Just come and follow me / << I know I won't be early/ And I know I can't be late/ But at least I know where/ to spend my Mustard Seed of faith.>> It was a humid day/ in midJuly/ when full of faith I / wondered why not me ?/ the waves weren't very high / when I stepped out of the boat / It only takes ONE MIRACLE to make a little rock (petros) float / but I quickly learned / doubt is like a poison that I know/ etc. by Mark D. Walker (