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Before posting a question, it might be helpful to read the email Annabelle sent out to paying members earlier this week regarding pre-sales. She references the FAQ section of this website which might also be of use to many of you. If info on pre-sale dates and sign ups are not listed on the tour page, that information is not yet available. Asking when it will be is pointless as none of us know the answer. Now, it will be curious to see how many people ignore this, post their question, then get angry when it is not immediately addressed. Hi - In an effort to help people faster, I have set up some automated answers to frequently asked questions below. Please read the entire email. And note, if you are not a current VIP member of the 'Ville, the following pre-sale information is for VIP only. ***PRE-SALES ON 2/9 are the following:*** Lake Tahoe: 10am PT for VIP 'Ville Members (Ticketmaster) Bismack, ND: 10am CT for VIP 'Ville Members (Ticketmaster) Sioux City, IA: 10am CT for VIP 'Ville Members (CrowdSurge/Songkick) Lincoln, NE: 10am CT for VIP 'Ville Members (Ticketmaster) Milwaukee, WI: 10am CT for VIP 'Ville Members (Ticketmaster) Minneapolis, MN: 10am CT for VIP 'Ville Members (CrowdSurge/Songkick) Bloomington, IL: 10am CT for VIP 'Ville Members (Ticketmaster) Shows WITHOUT a pit: Lake Tahoe Handicap seats: Call the venue, that's the only way to get pre-sale tickets Ticketmaster - For these shows, you will use the pre-sale code on the TOUR page. If you don't see it, then you aren't logged in. If you have an issue with your code, delete the last character and retype it. TM can be finicky. CrowdSurge - there is no CODE because it's tied to StageBloc. Just make sure if you are getting pre-sale tickets for Sioux City or Minneapolis that you follow these instructions: 1) Make sure your logged into the 'Ville 2) Click the BUY PRESALE TICKETS button next to the event date Select your tickets, add them to your cart and click continue 3)You will then be prompted to create (or login to) a separate account with our ticketing partner during the checkout process. This ticketing account is NOT the same as your The ‘Ville VIP Fan Club account. If you do not have an account with our ticketing partner, you can create one ahead of time by visiting here: 4)You will not need a presale code. You just need to be logged in with your The ‘Ville VIP Fan Club account Don't see your show's pre-sale information posted anywhere? That is probably because that information isn't public yet. The on-sale, pre-sale info will be posted in the tour section as it is released. Please RSVP to any shows you want an email notification about sale info. There is an RSVP button next to each show on the home page. Also keep an eye out for updates in the "NEWS" section of the website. **If you think you are having issues getting email, please follow these steps: 1) Check all of your spam and junk folders. 2) Contact your email provider. Some providers have very strict filters set up which makes it very difficult to receive emails from us. The email address that the KU emails come from is: Please check with your provider that they can receive emails from that email address. 3) If AFTER you talk to your provider you still have issues, reach out to Please visit the FAQ for questions not answered here: Have a great day, Annabelle