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For everyone asking about more shows, ticket sales and meet and greets: Annabelle will post as soon as she can about any new shows, whether they are US, Canada, Australia or Europe. Same with pre-sales. She has said they will be staggered so we don't have to worry about all going on sale at the same time. Meet and greet info is posted at some point after general sale for a show is underway. For those concerned about seeing tickets for sale already, except for a couple of shows, those are brokers who are either selling tickets from season ticket holders or scalpers "banking" on getting seats. I wish there was a way to pin this so everyone with one of these questions could easily see it. I have seen so many posts with the same basic questions, only the name of the city is changed. Please know Annabelle is getting information to us as soon as she has the go-ahead to do so.