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I'm excited to see Keith is coming back to Cleveland Ohio but I was hoping for Quicken Loans Arena instead of Blossom. That venue is a little tougher for me, but I will certainly try to get to that show. I also see one in Youngstown Ohio which might be doable if I can find someone who will drive to the show. I really wish I didn't have to rely on another person to get me there. I get a knot in my stomach and it doesn't go away until I am actually at the show. Sucks not to drive, I need to find more Keith Urban fans that live closer to me and could possibly pick me up for a show. I'd gladly give gas money and help pay for parking. I have a handicap plaquard so you could park in handicap parking, sometimes that can be a benefit. Regardless of all the I am so happy for this tour, the last time I was at a live show was at Blossom back on Sept. 15 2013, I'm sooooooooooooo ready for a show!! lol