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I would love to send keith a direct message or a letter if possible and know he will get it and truly know how busy he is and this letter would be special and it would be thrill to know he will get it and might even answer as well

9/5/19 - 10:59PM

Hello Keith,

First off you are my favorite country artist , and I have been a fan since “Where the blacktop ends” was released. I secretly bought tickets in January 2019 for your concert here in WA on August 31st. I gave them to him on our 17th wedding anniversary. We both were really looking forward to seeing you at the Puyallup Fair. Long story short, I am a victim of chronic pain syndrome due to being hit by a car while riding my horse bareback 18 years ago. Every now and then if I try and mix up my pain medication to get more relief, it backfires on me, and I get a wired result. This happened during the afternoon of your show and we made the decision to not go to your concert. We were both extremely disappointed and upset to not be there together to enjoy your show, heard it was amazing as always!

We just wanted to let you know how sorry we are that we couldn’t be there in the crowd cheering loudly for you. You deserve to have every seat filled! Please come back to Wa soon!