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NJKuf53 NJKuf53

Ok. I really have tried to be patient with what is happening with the 'Ville site. I know things take time and the administrators are probably very busy, but this group, this fan club was a very close group of people. Many did not go on Facebook. I go on Facebook so I can keep in touch with others, but even still as many know Facebook does not always go by latest posts either. I have not seen many of the familiar people who I had seen for years and that is so very sad. When we were switched, we were told to be patient. While patience is a virtue, it has been months now. Other fan clubs may not find it important but it was well known the importance of being in contact with one another in Keith's club. That has been ignored. Requests for information about when these things will be fixed have been ignored or pardon me if they have been answered, frankly, I don't have the time to sift through to find the answers. I really want to be on here but I find myself coming on maybe once every one and a half to two weeks instead of every day. What happened ? Tonight I came on and when I see that the latest posts are from 6 days ago, something is wrong. It used to be minutes and hours. What is going on? What is being done? And how are we going to try to bring the people back? Thanks. I really am speaking out of frustration and want to mAke this better.