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memaw66 memaw66

Just asking for some of the things that are badly needed here now. All the scrolling and sifting through a jumble of things is just too frustrating. We need to be taken right back to where we left on any thread, need New Content in the worst way, need All About Keith to be divided into more manageable categories, (video, Audio, articles, pics, etc), right now that topic is just a mess, cannot find anything. We really need to be able to add pics and videos to comments and we need a way to post the chart watch numbers. Please give us what will make this a fun and pleasurable way to keep up with Keith!! I miss the interaction between other members so much but mostly I miss the feeling of community and of actually being involved in a small way with what is going on with Keith and his music. I avoid FB and find myself avoiding here and thought that would never happen :(